Name: Melissa
Age: 30
Location: California
-Doctor Who
-Art museums
-video games
This page is my Doctor Who obsession <3 Enjoy!
My new Keyboard Decal!! &lt;3

My new Keyboard Decal!! <3


Left: keep calm I’m the doctor shirt with my hand made 4th doctor scarf—wore to the premiere

Right: 11th doctor Halloween costume

Doctor who on the front page of USA Today♥️

Doctor who on the front page of USA Today♥️

Forever bound and yet forever apart&#8230;.

(playing with photoshop)

Forever bound and yet forever apart….

(playing with photoshop)

omg its almost time!!!!!

Someone PLEASE leak the 50th anniversary trailer!!!

To make the rest of us wait to see it is just WRONG especially when we as a fandom helped THEM out when they shipped the DVDs out way early and we kept the last episode from leaking!!! And what did we get for it…a short video of Matt and David saying how much they like each other! (Which I’m always happy to watch)

But to deny this trailer from the rest of us is WRONG!

So please I beg you from one Whovian to another…..LEAK IT!!!!

Reblog this, help spread the word!!! Maybe one of our Whovian brothers or sisters will see this and answer the call!!!!

Now bbc is just being mean…

I am dying from reading all these ‘teaser quotes’ from the trailer! Just cause I was there didn’t mean I was able to get into the venue! I’m feeling very let down by how this is being handled!

It’s true when they say never meet your idols..

I am so disappointed in the way Matt Smith acted…I totally expected that he wouldn’t be able to stop and take a picture (that I had no problem with!) It was how he acted every time he walked by…face down, and hand out! To me it hurt that he couldn’t even look up smile and say sorry can’t, just to acknowledge me would have been nice!

Many people couldn’t stop and take pictures but every single one of them would smile, say sorry and tell us they loved us as they walked by(Ian Somerhalder did that every time he had a fan try an get a picture with him, same with Jennifer Lawrence)…Matt couldn’t do that too (at least for me), which to me sucks! Especially seeing how this is his last time at Comic Con or playing the Doctor and someone like me in California who NEVER gets the chance to see him except for this event!


I got Mark Gatiss and David Bradley😁 (who will be portraying the 1st Doctor in the 50th anniversary!!!!!!!!)

I can’t believe I got this close to him!!!

Wish he would have stopped and taken a picture with me :’(